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Medical Professionals


What if you could work from home?


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What if you didn’t have to stand on your feet all day?


What if you were improving the health care access and delivery system?


As a nurse, nutritionist, behaviorist, pharmacist or physician, you know what it takes to offer the best in patient care. You have a unique combination of skills in the clinical domain. Medical professionals at Cigna apply their clinical capabilities in different ways, including roles in medical case management, quality, and the development of new products and services. As a result, medical professionals at Cigna can reach and improve the lives of many more members than those in private practice.


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To see how our employees have brought innovation to Cigna and their professional careers, explore some of these sample career paths.  Or use the search tools at the bottom of this page or in the header to find your own career path.


Carol, RN, Business Project Sr. Specialist

Carol began her career at Cigna in 1997 as a Utilization Review Nurse. Her responsibilities have included implementation of various national initiatives, oversight of over 100 clinical staff and helped train employees and other trainers. more


Denise, RN, Health Services Manager 

Denise has been with Cigna since 1990 when she began as a case manager. She currently has oversight of medical management programs for specialty case management operations including transplant, neonatal, catastrophic, oncology and maternity programs. more



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Use our career architecture browser to see what other roles are available within Cigna.  A Cigna career is not just a job but an opportunity to grow into a position that matches your unique skills and capabilities.


Catherine, RN
Health Information Line Nurse
"After being in automobile accident and injuring my right leg to the point that it limited every aspect of my life including my career, I thought my life as a nurse was over. Until I applied on line at as a health information nurse. I was hired and have continued to grow in my knowledge as a nurse."


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