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Financial Development Program (FDP)

A Great Start…

See Yourself Advancing.  Are you an ambitious and experienced financial professional with senior leadership aspirations?  Move to the next level by joining our Financial Development Program (FDP) and we’ll both succeed.


Cigna's FDP differs from other leadership programs by virtue of a proven process of measured rotational experiences that form a financial foundation for long-term success.  In the FDP, you will learn what it takes to succeed at Cigna.  You might find yourself leading an audit, reporting financial results, shaping market strategies, or even creating innovative products that touch customers directly.



All initial rotations are in Hartford, CT or Philadelphia, PA; as a person progresses, they may pursue opportunities within other Cigna locations.



Challenge Yourself

The FDP is a unique career development program for professionals with two to four year of finance or accounting experience.  It produces leaders who will adapt to changing business needs and identify opportunities to push the company forward. Through the FDP, qualified candidates build the foundation to become successful business leaders.


The development model includes rotational assignments, prescribed training, and networking opportunities throughout the company. 


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Teach Yourself

"The Financial Development Program provides an invaluable set of diverse opportunities, coaching and support to build the broad portfolio of skills necessary to be a leader in today's business."


-David Cordani, President & Chief Executive Officer, FDP Graduate 


Depending on your past work experience, competency level, and Cigna's business needs, you will work through three-to-five job rotations to fulfill FDP graduation requirements. Each assignment is 18-24 months in duration and is determined jointly by you and the program director.


Along the way, you will gain valuable experience in planning, reporting and analysis, pricing, underwriting, rproduct or project management; and other cross functional areas.


Training and professional development

The FDP offers a multi-faceted training curriculum designed to maximize your rotational growth. Your professional development includes a blended approach of on the job learning and individual courses taken online, instructor-led classes, and FDP-specific training led by senior business leaders and graduates.


Developing your competencies

Before graduating, you will demonstrate how good you are at the skills you will need for a successful career as a Cigna business leader. The core competencies are: Courage, Communicating, Managing Others, Personal & Interpersonal Skills, Strategy and Delivering Results. 


The program director and your manager will partner with you to create a development plan that builds on your strengths, identifies and addresses development needs and meets your personal goals and aspirations.  All of this will be part of your experience in the FDP.


What’s next? 

The program cultivates Cigna's future leaders. In addition, graduates often stay involved in the FDP Community as managers, mentors, and advisors, helping govern the future direction of the FDP.
Each participant’s potential path to a senior management position will be different.  Click here to read how some FDP graduates progressed.


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Differentiate Yourself

If you have the drive and experience in accounting or finance that could make you a senior leader, the FDP may be right for you.  Your success depends on your ability to apply a broad base of financial and leadership skills in a variety of roles. You must also be able to demonstrate mastery of the six key competencies: Courage, Communicating, Managing Others, Personal & Interpersonal Skills, Strategy, and Delivering Results.


At Cigna, we are seeking people committed to delivering quality health service to our clients and customers.  We want the very best and brightest -- people with diligence, respect, and personal accountability -- are we describing you?


Required Qualifications

  • CPA, MBA, or both (professional designation or advanced degree – e.g. CFA, MS-Accounting)
  • Two to four years experience in accounting or finance fields
  • Initiative, dedication, and desire to be a business leader
  • We will not sponsor or provide legal support for a candidate to work in the US on an indefinite basis


Preferred Qualifications

  • Evidence of strong analytic problem-solving abilities, application of technical accounting or financial concepts, strong communication skills, and business acumen
  • Proven track record of aligning resources and building consensus to deliver results
  • Aptitude to work in a variety of functions and environments
  • Flexibility to relocate within the United States


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How to Apply

Think this opportunity is right for you? Please apply online to be eligible for consideration.


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Sample Rotations


Financial Reporting & Analysis

This role is responsible for managing the monthly and quarterly consolidation of results for Cigna's operations. Key deliverables include quarterly results analysis for internal/external reporting and leading the monthly results meeting with the Chief Accounting Officer, indicating drivers of results.



The underwriter role functions as part of the customer account team and is responsible for understanding market conditions and advising sales on rates that are competitive. In addition, the underwriter is the "CFO of the account", responsible for the case profitability and financial reporting. Finally, the underwriter functions as a client consultant, reviewing case level-results with the client and recommending strategies for future plan years. 


Pricing - Healthcare

This role is responsible for analyzing claims experience, unit cost data, and demographic information to determine cost trends and rates for all of our medical products. In this role, one works with Underwriting, Sales, Contracting and Product to become a market expert and provide value-added service beyond pricing information. One's knowledge of the competitive landscape, market dynamics, key accounts in a book of business and risk selection are all necessary to make thoughtful and appropriate pricing recommendations. Key deliverables include quarterly rate review calls with the General Manager, Contracting as well as Sales and Underwriting Managers to communicate rate actions. Additional responsibilities include rate filings and working with various State Departments of Insurance to secure approvals for these filings. 


Planning - Healthcare

The major responsibility of this role is to accurately project earnings for the entire book of business and support the consolidation of the earnings projection for the HealthCare segment. The planning group works closely with Accounting, Underwriting, and Pricing to understand and communicate earnings drivers and forecast potential changes to plan. 


Audit & Risk Management

This role is responsible for identifying risks faced by Cigna's business units and assessing the internal controls in place to mitigate those risks. An audit rotation provides the opportunity to develop project management skills, communication skills, and a high-level understanding of Cigna's businesses. Audit deliverables include risk assessments, planning/scoping documents, testing programs, and audit reports. 



The controller provides overall expense support to the segment leader and team of general managers. Deliverables include an annual expense Plan, as well as analysis of monthly results to achieve the Plan. The role additionally provides expense policy guidance and enforcement.



CPA BS-Accounting: North Adams State College (MA), 1994; MBA. Finance: Babson College (MA), 2004
Prior to joining Cigna, I spent 7 years with the Boston office of BDO Seidman, where I was an audit manager. I joined Cigna and the FDP in June 2004 and am currently working as an Internal Audit Manager in Bloomfield, CT.

Skills learned: As a member of the FDP, I have the flexibility to focus the search for my next rotation on roles that will expand my existing skill-set and give me the background I need to track towards my long-term career goals.


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