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All About Cigna

Cigna is working hard to innovate in the health services industry.  We are taking the lead in consumer-directed health plans - an innovative approach to lowing costs and improving outcomes for the American worker.  We're also making contributions in 29 other countries and jurisdictions around the world. 




Cigna was formed in 1982 through the combination of the Connecticut General Corporation and INA Corporation. Today Cigna's logo, the Tree of Life, symbolizes the corporation’s culture, mission and products.


Like a strong and healthy tree, Cigna has deep roots. INA was founded in 1792 in Philadelphia after meetings in Independence Hall. Connecticut General was founded in 1865 in Hartford as a life insurance company.


Cigna’s formation in 1982 combined a leading property-casualty insurer with a leading supplier of life insurance and employee benefits. Over time, Cigna sharpened its focus on group health care and related benefits.


Today, Cigna continues to innovate, expand and grow, with recent acquisitions of Managed Care Consultants of Nevada, ChoiceLinx®, and Star HRG, an operating division of HealthMarkets, Inc. Cigna’s subsidiaries are major providers of employee benefits offered through the workplace.


Cigna’s stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Symbol: CI), Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange. In offices throughout the United States and around the world, Cigna employees are united by a shared past and a commitment to building “A Business of Caring®.”



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