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Diversity: It’s Who We Are
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Diversity: It's Who We Are

At Cigna, we understand the importance of inclusiveness and varied perspectives in meeting the needs of our diverse customers.


Our diversity approach educates our employees about the important role diversity plays in creating a winning environment across the enterprise; an environment where all employees are encouraged to participate in initiatives that help them create strong relationships, develop their skill sets and be active within Cigna as well as the local community. Diversity isn’t a program at Cigna. It’s who we are.


Cigna’s diversity approach focuses on four key stakeholder groups: Community, Customers, Employees, Suppliers.  We focus our diversity outreach, communication and development efforts to the distinct needs of these four groups.

Words Into Action

Many companies say the right things about diversity, but do not take related actions. At CIGNA, we’re different.


View a list of CIGNA's Awards and Recognitions for the work we’ve done.


Diversity Defined:

All the Ways We Are Different; All the Ways We Are the Same 


We strive to recognize the whole person and define diversity in all of the ways we are different, from traditional definitions of race, religion, gender, age, and ability to non-traditional differences, such as work styles, preferred languages, education levels, and more.


We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.


~ Anne Frank


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